Beautiful December Saturday

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Cheryl Locke

12/6/20201 min read

The days have started out cold here on the farm, but turned beautiful in the afternoon.  A sweatshirt or light jacket is all I've needed to get out and enjoy the day in the pasture with the animals.  Yesterday I had calf therapy with Cocoa and Harley.  Harley follows me around like a puppy and Cocoa can't stand to let her get all of the attention, so I usually have both of them crowding in.  Then Woosie has to come check things out just in case I have a treat, so finding a place to sit undisturbed can be a challenge!  Brownie was always the shyest of the cows, but since she's had Cookie, she's much friendlier.  Looking forward to seeing if she will make a good milk cow!  I can't wait till Cookie decides she's not afraid of me anymore.  She's getting closer, but she's still not quite sure...  

Then I gave the pacas some treats.  Little April still hates me (she broke her leg when she was 6 months old and we had to give shots and meds).  She lays her ears back and acts like she's going to spit every time she sees me.  We'll get better though.  I just need to go sit with them more.  May has gotten so big I can't tell her from the adults!  Both of Amy's babies (Sandy and May) have been bigger than any of he others.  And little Minnie is growing, but it's easy to tell she's the baby of the bunch!

After feeding the horses I spent a lot of time picking cockleburs out of manes and tails.  Hate those things!  They all got scratches and pats before heading out to the back pasture.

I definitely treasure these nice days and quiet times and I want to extend the invitation to others who may need some quiet time or who find peace in a pasture.  We are almost always here, so just let us know when you would like to come out!  It's well worth the drive.  Feel free to message us here or on Facebook.